11 December 2014

musing on design

easier to design a shawl/sweater body on the fly than socks/mitts/sleeves because I don't have to ever remember *exactly* what I did in order to replicate it...if I feel like decreasing, I just do, without taking notes.

crescent shawl on the fly: cast on enough to knit preferred number of repeats of lace stitch pattern and separating sections - background of stst or garter or whatever...knit a repeat or two, then decrease in the space between the repeats...knit, decease one st in the between panels every lace repeat (currently 14 st every eighth row)...repeat until edging is as deep as desired, then short-row the sucker into a shape that pleases me...

simple to do as I go, but not simple to take notes on and write up for another person (maybe crappy notes for a super experienced knitter to follow would be ok).  I feel a rash of unique-in-all-the-world shawls coming up, as I try this out...I certainly own enough stitch dictionaries to explore this shawl shape bottom up and top down.

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