29 June 2015

pebble review, one month in

a month in, I really really love the pebbletime.

1. built-in music remote works great with rdio, my streamer of choice...which is like a whole new world for listening to music in the shower. :D

2. voice replies to sms and email through my wrist is a game changer - dogwalks and driving are revolutionized by never having to pull my phone from my pocket.  also loving the ability to reply by emojii with two button clicks.

3. only one app has bricked anything...but it sure did a solid. Twebble (twitter app for pebble) had me working a hard reset workaround and uninstalling the pebble appstore...once completely uninstalled, everything has been smooth sailing and we shall never speak of it again.

4. notifications from all apps are pretty great - it really does save me battery life on the phone, never having to turn on the screen...but the flipside is that I only get about four and a half days of battery life from the watch...which is still pretty bitchin, considering what I am using the phone for all the time (several of the apps are set to update several times an hour, I use the rdio remote ten or eleven hours a day, fitness tracking is always on, etc).

5. speaking of: WatchPop may be a bit of a battery suck, but it is SO worth it. I know having my own pics as watchfaces seems like a tiny thing, but I think it is an essential part of my internal idea of what makes a watch "smart"...and the auto-slideshow to show an entire folder on rotate is genius. well-executed, definitive part of loving this watch.

6. although I am not a programmer, I had to get some API developer accounts/permissions running in order to use certain weather apps (hello, weather underground), which was a tiny bit intimidating, but also pretty interesting, seeing who has opened up their functionality to the people.

7. ready for a screen protector! am pretty hard on my stuff, and screen already has some scuffing and small scratches. nothing to affect the legibility, and I've already ordered protectors from gadgetwraps...but a little disconcerting considering the nature of the device is such that those scuffs are not from dropping it onto concrete from a height - they are from typing on a macbook (I wear my watch with the face on the inside of my wrist).

all in all - loving it, wouldn't go back to watchless (I did not wear a regular watch previous to the pebble purchase).

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